Zero To Hero

There is no I in WE

We are a group of IT professionals all working for Diyar United Company giving back to the community that deserves a lot more !

Most of the Blog`s out there always assume readers have a certain level of knowledge on the topic in hand. In concept that is true, why would you be there in the first place, never the less it is not always the case. Many Information Technology wannabes look for detailed step by step instructions on many topics where it is assumed that they have Zero Knowledge.

Zero to Hero is an IT blog dedicated to providing the ultimate technical experience by making sure every technology presented is detailed from the ground up. We assume our reader has limited to no knowledge in any topic discussed thus our approach is a detailed step by step walk through of any given product or technology.

Zero To Hero Blog will be mostly dedicated to Virtualization, Hyper-converged, VDI, Private, Hybrid, and Public Cloud technologies from different vendors and utilizing out of the box ideas. Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Cisco, Dell EMC, and others are on our target list.

Zero To Hero